Newborn baby checklist: Getting ready before the big day

Being a mom brings a lot of emotions especially the feeling of excitement when buying your baby needs.

Older people here in the Philippines says that you must buy baby clothes at 7 months and up of pregnancy. You are not allowed to buy baby things too early or something will happen. Though this is just a myth, I still followed it since there is nothing wrong with that. But the excitement and that urge that I feel to buy baby stuffs when I am out at the mall is still there.

Finally! As a reached the 7th month of my pregnancy, I started buying my baby stuffs. Some of these were bought by my mother in law and my mom while others are just given by some family members.

Here are some of the things we ready before our baby girl arrives.

  1. Newborn clothes



We call these newborn clothes “baru-baruan here in the Philippines especially here in Pampanga. These clothes are usually white in color, older people here says that it is needed that you use white clothes or lighter ones to be able to see little insects or any dirt. These newborn clothes includes tie sides, pajamas, mittens, booties, bibs and more.


2. More baby clothes



3. Towels / curity cloth / baby blankets / baby pillow / wash cloths and diaper changing mats


4. Diaper

I bought these newborn diapers at Lazada. An online shopping site here in the Philippines. They were on sale so I got 2 packs of these huggies newborn diapers.


5. Here are other essentials that we bought for our little girl.


  • Thermometer
  • Nasal aspirator
  • Nail cutter
  • Baby wipes
  • Alcohol
  • Lactacyd baby wash
  • Cycles baby detergent
  • Cradle baby bottle cleanser
  • Lots and lots of cottons


  • Avent bottles
  • Looney tunes bottles
  • Barney Bottle 3in1 sterilizer
  • Breastmilk bags

6. Baby bags


These are just the primary things that we bought for our little girl. The list is endless when having a baby.

Note: I’ll be reviewing some of the products here in my blog post in the future.